Battle Scars

they are not just my insecurities or my fears These are my unsaid words and all my unshed tears And all the thoughts that I never expressed But in spite all these They reminded me that I’m still alive The hidden blade and my unsightly hands They are not just my embarrassment And these I’ll […]

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I see my story,I hear my song I see all the dreams and all the broken stars I see a beauty,I see my heart Bearing all my bruises and all my scars I see my tears from wounds very deep A lullaby I sing myself to sleep I see the darkness,I hear my cry I […]

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I’m am artist but I’m different I don’t draw on paper I don’t draw it with pencil,mostly people don’t understand what I draw but every line in that painting tells a different story,story that nobody understands except me and when the last line of that painting is drawn a red fountain appears on it which […]

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